Wow! My first blog!

Wow! My first blog! I mean, ever. Seriously, blogging (is it really a verb?) has never been on my To Do list, but launching this new website means taking advice from my lovely web-worldly-wise friend, Colin, and he says I need a blog. So, here I am, finally, blogging (really – a verb?).

Having been a secretary, an administrator, a sales executive, a barmaid, a waitress (times was ‘ard, guv) and at one point a Friden Flexowriter Operator (don’t ask!) I tumbled into the world of advertising and it was there that those around me (the Creative Types) recognised my flair for writing. A few years ago, having had my first book published by One of The Big Publishers in 2004, I decided I wanted to write more. I became a professional ghostwriter. Some people say that should be one word, others say two. It matters not.

I was welcomed into the Northampton Writers Group, where I discovered a diverse little gathering of folk who write for pleasure and who get together twice a month to talk about writing and writers, to share their work with each other, and to drink tea and eat biscuits. I like biscuits, so I joined. Every year this group organise the H E Bates Short Story Writing Competition, and this year they very kindly asked me to be their Head Judge. I was flattered and said yes. We had over 200 entries from all around the world and some of those were excellent. Judging anything creative is utterly subjective, very personal. As I worked my way through a box of Kleenex while reading the sad tales, then fell off the sofa laughing while reading the funny ones, a friend said, “Wow! Being Head Judge is quite an honour – you should add that to your CV.”

A bit like telling Mr Tolstoy to add another chapter to War and Peace.