What the critics say…

Since I started ghostwriting books for clients, I have always felt very fortunate to have written for some amazing people, helping them turn their idea for a story or a book into a reality. It’s always a great buzz for me as their ghostwriter to see the look on the face of someone who is holding in their hands the first copy of their very own book. Brilliant!

Here are some comments from clients and reviewers…

About You Complete Me –

A wonderfully written book… great sense of humour. A moving book, a true story.

P Camp

Maggie stands out as a true wordsmith. I genuinely enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down.

Anna Murby, BBC Radio Northampton presenter

Maggie’s writing has a unique quality that engages you from the first word. Her style is witty and conversational, yet poignant and honest, and she explores those places we all visit in our lives and makes sense of them. A truly awesome first book.

Alison Keenan, TV playwright & presenter

A fantastic read. Couldn’t put it down.

Ian J

Made me laugh, made me cry. One of the best written books…

Pippa T

I have read this book and have been gripped by it. It is real. All life is there. Maggie is a ‘natural’. Believe it.

George Mann, publisher

Really grabbed me… laughter and tears rolled into one!

Neal T

you complete me - Maggie Allen

And other books I’ve written…

I could not have written my book without Maggie Allen. My story was unusual and not a comfortable read for most people, but I felt I had a moral obligation to do this. The book received 5 star reviews from top experts in the field of psychology in the US and the UK. Maggie is so personable and genuine, and really puts her heart into her work. She is a natural.

Pamela Roche – Broken Lives, Broken Minds

From our first contact Maggie inspired confidence. Very professional and clear about her role, also very warm, engaging and empathetic. I had a story that I needed a ghost writer to engage with, not just on a factual level but, as importantly, on a human level. I needed to know that my ghost writer would be able to connect with me and my situation, and the struggle I had gone through. Maggie more than met my expectations in all respects and it is a pleasure to work with her

J.T. [book not yet published]

Because of the underlying passion and the skilled assistance of Maggie Allen, this book is hard to put down.

Australian radio station ‘Dads on the Air’ – Broken Lives, Broken Minds

Absolutely fantastic – Maggie took me back in time but in a good way. Putting my story into words became much more than the original intention when I started reading the pages as brought to life by my ghost writer, Maggie.

Dawn P – Breaking the Chain